Rationale & Objectives

At the end of 2006, the Council and the European Parliament adopted a European Framework for Key Competences (ERF) for Lifelong Learning. ERF identifies and defines eight key competences that citizens require for their personal fulfilment, social inclusion, active citizenship and employability in our knowledge-based society.

CERF-Certification Standard for European Reference Framework Key Competences, is a two year Transfer of Innovation project which aims to develop a training Curricula and a complete Trainers Package for five ERF Key Competences. A Multimedia Training Tool and a certification model for the specific key competence of "Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship" will be also developed and disseminated as a practical tool for policy makers, and for education and training providers and learners, in order to make lifelong learning a reality for all.

The aim

The project objective has three primary objectives:

  • First, the development and pilot implementation of an educational methodology for five out of the eight key competences defined by ERF as essential to European competitiveness and the establishment of a coherent society based on knowledge. The five key competences to be developed are:
    • Communication in foreign languages 
    • Digital competence
    • Social and civic competences
    • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
    • Cultural awareness and expression 
  • Second, the development of a certification model for acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes for the ERF key competence: Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship, according to ERF. 
  • Third, to support dissemination and take-up of this reference tool among policy-makers, education providers, employers, and learners themselves to facilitate national and European-level efforts towards commonly agreed objectives.


CERF will organize "Train the Trainer" seminars for the five key competences according to ERF in partner countries (England, Spain, Sweden, Cyprus and Greece) and also pilot training for groups at risk of social exclusion. Moreover, it will organize in all participating countries several educational and experiential workshops for policy makers, local authorities, human resource departments, enterprises, organizations promoting employment, VET institutes, etc.

And more…

In combination with all the above, a Virtual European Community will be developed for the exchange of ideas and good practice among stakeholders, acting as a vehicle to support continuous dissemination of education and certification of ERF key competences for our ability to be successful in a constantly changing world of work.

What can I do?

As a trainer or an education provider interested in getting to know more about this methodology, you can participate in the "Train the Trainer" seminar organized in your country and then adapt the CERF methodology accordingly on your training subject and target groups. As a trainee, you can acquire Key Competences by participating in the pilot training. As a stakeholder, log in the CERF website site, learn more about the project, and participate in the Virtual European Community of Stakeholders and in workshops promoting the culture of lifelong learning that is proposed by the CERF project.