Final Products
The CERF Booklet is addressed to the major stakeholders. The booklet is focused on the meaning of the 5 out of 8 Key Competences according to ERF for the Lifelong Learning and the evaluation of the efficiency of the Key Competencies and its utilization. The booklet is available in four languages (English, Greek, Swedish, and Spanish)
Α detailed Training Curriculum has been developed for each of the following Key Competence according to the European Reference Framework:
  • KC2 – Communication in Foreign Language
  • KC4 – Digital Competence
  • KC6 – Social and Civic Competences
  • KC7 – Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship
  • KC8 – Cultural Awareness and Expression
Each of the above training curriculums introduces the basic elements general aim and learning objectives of the specific Key Competence. Moreover, it presents a detailed curriculum accompanied with analytical description of contents in terms of aim, learning objectives and suggested training methodology per each chapter and thematic unit.
The CERF Trainer’s Package has been developed as supportive material to the trainers and is enriched with scientific material, contents and methodology approaches per each Key Competence for the trainer to use. It includes the trainer’s methodology, i.e. the analyzed chapter introduced in the training curriculum and describes the training techniques, tools and equipment used in each chapter. In the Annexes there are available the detailed training tools and guidelines to be used in the classroom (e.g.: ppts, Exercises, Case studies, videos, etc.).
Especially for the Key Competence 7: “Sense of Initiative and entrepreneurship" a Trainees Syllabus has been developed to support learners own study. The Trainees Syllabus has been used by the learners during the pilot training of vulnerable groups facing the risk of marginalisation from the labour market and social exclusion. The pilot trainings of vulnerable groups on KC 7, has been elaborated according to the Training Curricula developed by the project, the Trainers where using the supporting material and information provided in the Trainers Package.
By concluding the training course, all trainees participated in the Certification process developed by CERF project to certify Key Competence 7: “Sense of Initiative and entrepreneurship". The Trainees Syllabus and the certification tool enable users to evaluate the degree of their current capacity as entrepreneurs and also serve as a basis for planning their personal and professional development in the context of Lifelong Learning
A certification Scheme has been developed for the certification of skills, knowledge and competencies for Key Competence 7 "Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship". The overall Certification Scheme developed in CERF project for Key Competence 7 “Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship” includes:
  • Training Curriculum
  • Trainers Guide
  • Trainees Sylabus
  • Certification process
The main axes of the certification scheme involve:
  1. The development of a reliable and valid Testing Methodology
  2. Application of an acceptable Supervising Procedure
  3. Testing Questions: The pool of the testing questions covers the entire syllabus and all the training material in terms of the pre-defined knowledge, skills and attitudes described in the curriculum.
The Certification methodologies adapted for the certification process are:
  • The In Application Methodology as to examine the application of knowledge rather than the recall of information, which is acclaimed for its high validity and reliability in testing skills.
  • The Paper and Pencil Methodology, using as main techniques multiple choice questions, problem solving applications etc.
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The National report is a desktop country research on the status in partner’s countries regarding the European Reference Framework. Specifically, it describes the involvement of government and actions or progress made regarding ERF at national level, the awareness of ERF Key competences in the business world/HR departments, as well as in VET. Finally, it gives an overview about the training courses / programmes currently existing in each partner-country in relevance to ERF Key competences.
In the framework of CERF implementation have been developed five (5) National Reports for each one of the partners countries (Sweden, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, United Kingdom), as well as an Overall Report regarding the ERF in the five participating countries.
The CERF final CD includes the developed training materials (Training Curriculums and Trainers’ Package) for 5 of the Key Competences according to the European Reference framework and it is available in four languages (English, Greek, Swedish, and Spanish).
For additional information about the CERF final products please contact the project’s coordinator:
DIMITRA ITD, 19 Palaiologou Str, 41223, Larisa, Greece
Tel: (+30) 2410-554026